Offshore operations; coastal/swamp constantly expose personnel to the special hazards associated with water borne operations. Drowning accidents continue to account for a lot of work-related contractor facilities. It is Agon Oil & Gas Nig. Ltd belief that all accidents are preventable as such water borne operations can be carried out safely without any accident provided that the correct equipment,procedures, training and competent staff are employed.

All vessels to be engaged in waterborne operations must be seaworthy and carry valid statutory certificates to that effect issued by a certified equipment surveyor in compliance with client procedure and National Maritime Authority regulations.

Equipment on board certified vessels must be maintained serviceable at all times. All safety equipment and navigational aids such as:

  • Life jackets
  • Life buoys
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Navigational lights
  • Horns and communication equipment

As required by statutory regulations under which the vessel operates.

HOUSEBOATS: All houseboats shall be provided with means of escape to a safe location either by temporary walkways to land or by standby boat which must be kept in the immediate vicinity of the houseboat at all times. The boat shall be equipped with fire fighting equipment.

LIFEBUOYS: All vessels and houseboats would be equipped with adequate number of lifebuoys and lifelines which would be strategically positioned within the vessel or houseboat for easy access.

SURVIVAL SWIMMING BASIC TRAINNING (PART 1): Survival swimming certification shall be ensured for all personnel involved in water borne operations.

Procedure: Established inland waterway procedure shall be followed to ensure safe operation.

VESSEL MASTER: Every boat or craft must be operated under the charge of a competent and certified quarter master or river master and such other training assistance as prescribed by the inland regulation.

COMPETENCY: Only certified and approved vessel master shall be allowed to handle vessels, tug boats etc, this is to ensure that accidents resulting from inefficiency and lack of competence are avoided.

Agon as a matter of policy does not allow night sailing, except under serious emergency. Under such conditions, the vessels or boats must be in good sailing condition with adequate navigational equipment/lighting system to permit such night operation.

  • All workers on site must be medically certified fit.
  • The safety officer shall carry out weekly audit of the first aid box content with a view to maintaining.